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Acronym Finder for App Marketers (I): From API to LTV

First time I joined the mobile industry, I felt kind of lost with so many acronyms around. When running UA CPI campaigns, we needed to calculate the CTR and CR. Don’t forget about ASO. Also, we needed to check the CPM of FAN and make sure our networks were COPPA compliant. And, of course, attend to MWC, GDC and CC. Crazy for a freshman, right? So what I want to do with this post is to briefly summarize the most…

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Welcome (again) to!

You probably may be thinking “Wait, this guy already had a blog, didn’t he?” And you are totally right! I had a blog! So what’s going on? Why another welcoming? Well, to put it short, a few months ago I faced some technical issues and my blog was deleted. Since I didn’t have any back- up (yes, I know, don’t tell me :x), I lost everything. During the next few weeks, you may imagine I didn’t even want to hear…