About me

Hello there,

This is Juanjo Monge, CMO at Lab Cave Games, a Fibonad company. Here, I’m in charge of developing strategies that help the company to grow, by creating new business lines or enhancing our current ones, by finding new distribution channels or alternative business models, or by applying innovative solutions for monetization and user acquisition.

With more than 140M organic downloads, more than 350 games in the market, 1.5M DAU and more than 60M of monthly ad impressions, Lab Cave has quickly become one of the most interesting agents of the mobile gaming industry, with an ASO first approach in the core of the business, a very lean and semi-automated production process, and a decisive bet for the innovation and the in-house developed technology. Now, we are focusing on the publishing business, where we want to assist smaller developers or indie studios with our know-how and expertise to make their games and worldwide success.

Prior to my role at Lab Cave Games, I’ve been working in mobile since 2014 when I joined Genera Games, based in Sevilla, and from which I learnt all the basics about mobile marketing. As a marketing manager, I handled the complete marketing strategy (meaning, App Store Optimization, monetization, user acquisition, ad optimization, submission, PR, etc) for in-house games (as Zombie Hunter or Ramboat) or for big IPs (such as Head Soccer LaLiga, Disney’s Frozen Free Fall or Malificent Free Fall,  Paramount’s Run Forrest Run, or Universal’s Death Race: The Game).

Born in Sevilla, I studied Journalism and Media at Carlos III University, in Madrid, and a graduate program of Marketing Management at ESERP- Rey Juan Carlos University. Previous to mobile, I had experience both in media (COPE, El Día Newspaper, Canal+) and in communication and marketing departments of multinational companies (Abbott Laboratories, Repsol, AMC Iberia).

Also, I’ve always have an entrepreneur mindset. I cofounded The Blue Corner in 2013, a marketing agency that helped small and medium businesses to have useful online presence. And I also have participated in many entrepreneur initiatives as QueAprendemosHoy.com, the biggest platform of knowledge exchange in Spanish, or RESET, a think-tank for International affairs.

Personally speaking, I love food, outdoor activities, books, the beach, sports and, the most important one, Capi .

If you want to know more, you can reach me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading!