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Welcome (again) to!

You probably may be thinking “Wait, this guy already had a blog, didn’t he?” And you are totally right! I had a blog! So what’s going on? Why another welcoming? Well, to put it short, a few months ago I faced some technical issues and my blog was deleted. Since I didn’t have any back- up (yes, I know, don’t tell me :x), I lost everything. During the next few weeks, you may imagine I didn’t even want to hear a single word about creating a new blog.

However, I’ve always thought it was a good idea to have a site, so I’m happy to say again that everyone is welcomed to (v2), a professional site where I’ll be sharing news, knowledge and thoughts about the mobile and the app industry from the marketing perspective, focusing mainly (but not only) on the gaming vertical. I’ll cover topics related to monetization, App Store Optimization, mobile events, analytics, user acquisition, business development, distribution, advertising and many others!

And this is something I don’t want to do just myself. By attending to all major worldwide mobile and gaming events (Gamescom, UA Society Summit, Mobile World Congress, Casual Connect, Facebook Forum, Google App Summit, GDC, China Joy, Mobile Growth Europe, Tokyo Game Show and many other), I will gather here the most authorized voices of the industry agents, who will give us a clearer and broader perspective of this fast-changing and challenging universe.

The purpose of the new site remains exactly the same than in my previous one: I pretend this to be a meeting point to all the mobile and app marketers, learners and anyone interested in this area. And of course I definitively expect this to be a open blog, where all thoughts and opinions will be very much appreciated. So please, use the comment section, or reach me on LinkedIn or Twitter, to ask or say whatever your want.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I want to give a special thanks to my colleague Pablo Samper, who helped me tuning up this blog!

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